PEOPLE Power !!

Em VII06 a capa da Wired era Murdoch (what… mass media mogul in the house :S). razão?: “He made his fortune on TV stations, newspapers, and film studios. Now Rupert Murdoch is betting half a billion dollars that he can turn MySpace into a colossal marketing machine.”

O 2.0 era agora coisa séria!!!

Murdoch chegava - Mass Media Mogul investe em Self Made Content...
Murdoch chegava - Mass Media Mogul investe em Self Made Content...

No dossier, Chris  Anderson, na secção, “Trends that are changing the world” escrevia:

“Now we have armies of amateurs, happy to work for free. Call it the Age of Peer Production. From to MySpace to craigslist, the most successful Web companies are building business models based on user-generated content. This is perhaps the most dramatic manifestation of the second-generation Web. The tools of production, from blogging to video-sharing, are fully democratized, and the engine for growth is the
spare cycles, talent, and capacity of regular folks, who are, in aggregate, creating a distributed labor force of unprecedented scale.

The evidence is all around us. There are standard-bearers like Wikipedia and Yahoo’s Flickr photo-sharing service. There are entire realms that Second Life users are creating from scratch. And there is the enormous audience that YouTube has conjured with its idiotproof video-sharing technology.

There’s also gold in the casual Web droppings we all leave online.
Much of the value of Amazon and Netflix comes from their tens of millions of customer reviews. Your click trail on Amazon is used to create better recommendations for those who follow. Your query on Google and the pages that you find relevant give feedback that fine-tunes the search algorithms. The ads you click don’t just boost revenue for Google, they also tell it how much to charge the next advertiser. These companies have found ways to harness the wisdom of the crowd, extracting

But the real miracle is in the more intentional work millions of us do to populate the Web: 80 million MySpace pages, 40 million bloggers, nearly a million amateur encyclopedians. The result is a shared culture of fandom, commentary, and camaraderie. And then there’s open source software, which has changed both the corporate server (Linux) and the consumer desktop (Firefox) – and given new life to IBM, a company that now thrives by building software and services atop peer-produced code.”

People Power

Blogs, user reviews, photo-sharing – the peer production era has arrived.

By Chris Anderson


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